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Competition Overview

Dates: May 3rd - June 24th Tentative

The Pro Am is here! Teams will consist of 6 reps: 3 closers and 3 setters. You will compete against the other teams to rack up points, win the eliminations and fight for that top prize. please note that teams are selected by region. 

Setters are permitted to set for any closer in the company and closers are permitted to close for any setter. However we recommend you fill your own team's calendar first to maximize your points for the round. The team score in each round will be calculated based on the cumulative points of your team.

This is the first official competition of the year and gives all reps the chance to ramp up and warm up their selling ability. 


Teams of 6  (3 setters / 3 closers) are ranked from 1-100 for a 2 week seeding round based on your team score. The largest team score will be the #1 team and the lowest team score will be the #100 team. 


Champion - FF x Herschel Navy Heavy Duty Backpack

Prize Breakdown

May 3rd - May 17th

Double Elimination Bracket

Each round is scored by the highest team score and prizes are awarded for advancing in the winners bracket. 

If you lose a round in the winners bracket, you still have an opportunity to redeem yourself and fight for the championship in the losers bracket. If you lose a round in the losers bracket, you will be eliminated from the tournament.

May 18th - June 24th Tentative

Duration: 6 Weeks


Scoring is simple. Setters will gain 1 point per set that is closed. Closers gain 1 point for per close and 2 points per self-gen's that close.

With the nature of the time between a set appointment and a fully submitted deal, competitors will need to take into account this delay for the points they earn each round. Remember only fully submitted deals at the end of each round will be valid for the scoring criteria. Therefore it is important for teams to be thinking a few days ahead and ensuring all their information is carefully vetted before submission, to avoid delays in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Deals need to be fully submitted to count towards the comp.

Round 5 - FF Black Camo Patch Hoodie

Round 4 - FF Patch Toiletry Bag

Round 3 - FF Navy Engraved Water Bottle

Round 2 - FF Orange Brim Patch Hat

Note: Prizes levels are unlocked for advancing in the winners bracket

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