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It all starts with our solar panels

Not all solar panels are made equal. Many solar companies & suppliers cut corners and compromise on the quality of the panels but not us.


Our Top Tier Equipment

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Equipment Warranty

Gain peace of mind as your investment in solar panels is safeguarded with up to a 25 year warranty.

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Track Usage

Track your energy usage in-app and get a birds eye view of how your panels are performing all year round.

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Tier 1 Quality

Tier 1 solar panels are made using the highest quality of silicon and therefore are the most effecient.



Peak efficiency with
our solar panels

As the foremost global manufacturer of solar products, encompassing wafers, cells, and panels, LONGi has played a pivotal role in propelling the solar industry towards enhanced efficiency, particularly with the development of mono-crystalline PERC cells.

Firefly Solar takes pride in providing our customers with Longi's tier 1 solar panels tailored for residential applications. Notably, LONGi stands at the forefront of producing some of the world's most efficient solar panels.

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How do solar panels work?

The process is straightforward. When sunlight contacts your solar panels, it generates a DC electric current. Solar inverters then transform this energy into the AC electricity necessary to power your lights and appliances at home.


Excess electricity either returns to the grid or, when coupled with a backup battery, is stored for future use during a blackout, brownout, or other emergency situations.



Pro Installation
of solar panels

A dedicated Firefly Solar educator will conduct an in-home visit to assess your equipment requirements and finalize the design of your system.

Subsequently, we manage the entire process, covering everything from site surveys and obtaining permits to the installation phase and securing the necessary permissions to operate. Your seamless transition to solar energy is our commitment to a sustainable and efficient energy solution for your home.

Call us at 1.888.912.9462 for a free quote

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